Transport from the Port to our center or area shopping destinations is available starting at about 1:45PM each day (earlier on other days depending on staff availability).  Transportation is provided until around 10PM each night.

Seafarers - when you call, please be ready to provide us with the following information:
  • Name of your ship
  • Terminal where your ship is docked (if you know)
  • Where you want to go and/or what you want to buy
  • What time you would like to be picked up
  • How many of you will be traveling
  • Your rank or the job you do on the ship
  • A U.S. phone number where we can reach you (if you have one)

The Catholic Seafarers' Center coordinates with United Port Ministries of Seattle to transport seafarers from port terminals to our center or to area shopping destinations.  Popular destinations for Seafarers include Costco, Target, Best Buy, Downtown (Macy's/Nordstrom/Pike Place Market/Pacific Place/Westgate/Ross), the Space Needle, Big-5, Sears, Fred Meyer and Northgate Mall.  Except on very slow days with few ships in port, we are unable provide trips to Southcenter Mall or shopping locations in Renton or Tukwila, as this takes our drivers too far from other ships and seafarers that may need our services.

To arrange transportation, try to have a group of three or more ready, and call us at 206-441-4773.   We will dispatch our drivers to pick you up. Our goal is to serve as many seafarers as possible and give them plenty of help to find the items they need. Therefore, during busy times we may not be able to provide transport of groups smaller than three. Those calling ships should ask as many crew as are available to go to ride in our van.  If we are not able to provide a ride, individual seafarers or groups of two may wait for others to join them and/or may choose instead to call for a taxi to take them to their destination.
Our afternoon drivers are usually able to transport seafarers to multiple shopping locations around the area and/or to our center to enjoy our facilities, and they are glad to help seafarers find shopping places that will best meet their needs.
Many seafarers wish to buy clothing, electronics, food items, or gifts for relatives at home.  Others may want to sightsee in downtown or walk to the Space Needle.  Our experienced drivers know items seafarers are seeking and where to find them at affordable prices.
Because of our commitment to union labor and fair wages, we do not transport visiting seafarers to retail locations that we know do not use union employees or whom we judge to have unfair labor practices.