About Us

Our Mission
The Catholic Seafarers' Center is a social service agency in the Archdiocese of Seattle. Our mission is to meet the spiritual and practical needs of seafarers and maritime workers visiting and living in Seattle.

Our Location

The Catholic Seafarers’ Center of Seattle has moved from its long-time home at 2330 1st Avenue, in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, to a new location closer to the container port.  The Center has occupied the same building since the 1950’s, when the north end of the waterfront was a busy maritime industry neighborhood and home to most of Seattle’s maritime union halls.  Over time, changes to the industry have moved shipping activity away from Belltown, making the 1st Avenue location impractical.  In the new location, the Catholic ministry will be co-located with the Lutheran and Episcopal seafarers’ ministries at the ecumenical Seattle Seafarers’ Center, and the Catholic organization will conduct its separate activities under the name Catholic Seafarers’ Ministry of Seattle.  The new address is:

Catholic Seafarers' Ministry

3568 W Marginal Way SW

Seattle, WA 98106

The new office email is csm@seattlearch.org .

The phone (206 441 4773) remains unchanged.  

Transportation for Seafarers

If you are a seafarer visiting Seattle and need transportation to purchase items for yourself or to send to loved ones back home, call us at 206.441.4773.  We are usually unable to provide tips for single seafarers due to limited availability of vehicles, so please make sure to gather others on your ship together.  Drivers are generally available for pickups from 2PM to 10PM every day of the week.  Seafarers visiting Seattle often shop at Costco, Target, Fred Meyer, Ross, Best Buy, and stores in the downtown area.  Transportation from these shopping destinations back to the Port is also available.  Please know that we do not offer transportation to seafarers to non-union retailers (WalMart, etc.), but are glad to provide rides to retail centers that have similar merchandise.  

Services for Seafarers in Our Center

Our center (informally known as "the Club") is open from 10AM to 4PM, Monday through Friday, and other times by prior arrangement.  At our center, seafarers enjoy simple refreshments - coffee, tea, and pastries (donated by our friends at Starbucks).  We also have soft drinks and snacks (chips, candy, etc.) available for purchase.  

A variety of recreational games and activities are available, including ping pong, pool, and foosball.  Several computers and printers are also available for use, and we also provide a bank of telephones that visiting seafarers may use to call home.  Our staff sells phone cards, SIM Cards, stamps, postcards, and other items often requested by seafarers.  We also provide assistance with money transfers at a nearby banking location and directions to neighborhood drug stores, convenience stores, and attractions.  Seafarers enjoy watching soccer games or the news on a large-screen television, or reading a variety of books and magazines we have available.  WiFi connectivity is also available throughout the center.